Cees Muller (Dutch, born 1941)



Cornelius Bastiaan (Cees) Muller was born in 1941 in a  village in Zeeland in The Netherlands.  He studied at the ‘Academy of Fine Arts’ in Rotterdam.


During his career Muller skilled himself in several techniques; in Paris he experimented a lot with colours and combinations of styles, which eventually would result in the style we find in Muller’s paintings nowadays, best to be described as Realistic Impressionism.


In critics Muller is highly praised for his artistic view and this unique style.

Apart from his lovely views on the city of Paris, he remained attached to the Dutch land– and seascapes and, most of all, to the city scenes of Amsterdam.


Muller gained lots of respect with a large range of exhibitions. Nowadays he paints exclusively for ‘De  Schildercamer’ in the famous Spiegelkwartier in  Amsterdam.


His and our passion is to show Amsterdam as it is nowadays, in all it’s splendour and glory, with it’s  characteristics, beauty and enchanting charm; strolling through the streets of this city we recognize immediately the places where  Muller has put his  easel.

Works for sale: