Eef van Brakel (Dutch, 1930-2014)
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Eef van Brakel (1930-2014) feels one with the nature. For that reason he only paints on location, portrayed in his paintings. Eef van Brakel always paints in the open air. The beautiful surroundings are within reach. Because of his residence in Oosterbeek, he is inspired by the view of the river Rhine and the natural park "de Hoge Veluwe", but also landscape in England and France are a great source of inspirations.

The source for his love of nature are his childhood years, while living on a boat he met many famous Dutch artists along the riverbanks paintings the views of the nature. Without emotions, but a great deal of talent and enthusiasm, Eef was guided by these artists. They taught him how to look and absorb the surroundings and to draw in details. At first the painters of the "Haagsche School" were a great source of inspiration to the young Eef. In his early works you see great influences of naturalism followed by impressionism. By paintings in great detail places of interest to others, he gathered a group of admirers and art collectors in a short time. Paintings of his early works are still being exhibited regularly, as part of historical exhibitions.

In the meantime Eef van Brakel has broken with this style of painting for quite some time. He further developed in the style of expressionism. The same style Vincent van Gogh was a follower of. His admirations for these of painters, made him decide to portray subjects in his own style. Noticeably is the interpretation of colors. His paintings exemplify happiness and harmony. "What I paint is what feel at that given moment“, Eef said. "Everything you see in the paintings is about me". A painting you make with your own style and your own composition of colors. Every piece of work is unique.

The artist wrote about his work:

Red are the trees, Yellow the sky, Green is the wideness, purple the Cow. The landscape: a feast of colors.

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