Emilie Dubois (French, born 1966)

Flowers from my Garden (Medium).JPG


Emilie Dubois was born in 1966 in a small village near Reims in a very artistic family; both her parents were  painters. 


Because of an assignment of her father, the family Dubois moved to Nice, at the French Côte d’Azur, where Emilie at an elder age would visit

 “L’Institute des Beaux Arts”.


According to the basics of her studies she initially painted in the traditional way but more and more she started to develop her own style, resembling the warm and comfortable atmosphere of the Côte d’Azur.


“J’aime la vie et ça je voudrai exprimer…”   “I love life and that I’d like to



Her major source of inspiration are the French impressionists, especially Monet, who was a close friend of her grandfather.


During time paintings of Emilie Dubois have found a home in countries all over the world.

Whether it is in private scenery or at classy offices, her work transforms the room to a warm and gently place where any person feels comfortable and welcome.

Works for sale: