Frederick Arends (Dutch, born 1949)




At the age of twelve, Fred Arends made his first oil painting, a flower still that he gave to his mother. In 1976 Arends began his studies at the art academy in Arnhem. The development of his artistic qualities soon became apparent and gradually he developed and refined his technique.


Like many 19th century painters were inspired by 17th century masters and their techniques, Arends was fascinated by the great Dutch Masters of the 19th century. They profiled themselves by playing with light their vision of the reality created by them. Far enders. wide skies, the sunset on transparent ice cream, feature this painting. It was their art to "capture" nature at the right time.


Extensive studies encouraged Arends to translate these Dutch-Romantic paintings into a contemporary version. This lies his greatest strength. Arends would like to call himself a craft painter. In his minutely painted paintings, the hand of a great talent becomes visible.


Arends’ choice of subject is varied and not only limited to summer and winter views. He also paints poultry, city and seascapes. Light, air and frozen water also play an important part in Arends’ genre.


Arends' romantic work finds its way to private collections in Europe, the United States, Russia and Asia.

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