Gyula Karpati (Hungarian, born 1951)
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On the first day of November 1951, I was born in Buda, the Hungarian capital. My desire to draw was already in the age of 3-4. As a young boy I  when I was given the opportunity to learn the basics of making art  by the painter Zilahy.

Unfortunately, after three years, the master's died so I had to train  myself at  this age.

My parents thought it was not a good idea to become an artist .And of course, this was the time of the realization that I want to do nothing better than to draw and paint.

The work of the Dutch Old Masters inspired me to paint in their way.

All my life I kept watching and studying. I am trying to memorize and mainly understand the details, the correlations, and the whole . I'm looking for a dynamic perfection. The harmony which is not the same with nihil, and infinitely diverse... I would like to show and convey to the people the joy of existence. I believe that the various manifestations of the visual arts and their different styles do not deny it, but rather justify each other's raison d'être. The basic aim of the images is a different one at a time, but it is absolutely essential to achieve all of them, so the artwork finishes only when you are in mind. I had the opportunity to do so for the first time in the Pataki Cultural House exhibition. After that, the HM culture Centre, then the BKV culture Hall was hosted by the Chamber exhibitions.

In 1979 I was contacted by the artistic leader of the ‘Then Art Hall’, with Mr. Andor Wessely who helped the opportunity to get to know my works in Western Europe. Exhibitions followed in Frankfurt, Vienna, London, Lilla, Amsterdam, USA. My images have reached the best known galleries, and there are also a number of luxury boat cruises on the seas. In Hungary, for the Bicskei Elementary School, I made two large panels on the occasion of the Millennium. In addition to the orders of private collectors, we made Hotel Óbester, which is a multi-form composition, with the help of my family in painting.

My artistic activity takes place along two main lines, both in the form of inner experiences and impressions, with feelings of living and expression, and on the other, satisfying the demands of the client. The

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