Jacky (Dutch, born 1972)


Jacky is a Dutch artist born in 1972 in the small village Reuver in the Netherlands. She produces mainly sculptures and paintings. Being graduated, teaching mathematics, Jacky decided that her life could not revolve around formulas and numbers. Following the voice of her heart she made the decision in 2006 to become an artist. Self-educated (autodidact) she gets her inspiration from nature and she expresses her love for bright colors and exaggerated shapes.  All her pieces are unique and signed with her own signature. She does this exclusively for DE SCHILDERCAMER, assuring you of the authenticity of every piece.

'PAST MEETS PRESENT' a meeting with the masters

When it comes to emotion in art, audiences understand the simplicity of beauty in classic art much better than that of contemporary art with its complicated context. This tension and contrast is what inspires Jacky in her work. She brings these nearly opposite worlds together, so people will understand the relation between the classic and contemporary, which seems so far apart but are really related. What was once contemporary is now classic, but the question is: will contemporary art become classic as well in time? And what happens over time when you combine these two? Jacky is triggered by this thought and brings us 'PAST MEETS PRESENT', a meeting with the masters. Bronze casted statues from the great artists of the past are hand painted with epoxy by Jacky. It is an interesting combination resulting into very attractive, original work full of joy and contradiction.  'PAST MEETS PRESENT' is therefore a meeting with the masters by Jacky, and is sold exclusively by De Schildercamer. INN-store and ON-line WEBSHOP!

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