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Artist: Aram Koupetzian (Armenian, born 1926)
Title: 'Duette' (114)
Size: 60 x 36 cm 23,6 x 14,2 inch)
Signed: lower left: Aram Koupetzian (Transcript) '12
Inventory no.: AK002
Price: € 5.400,-

Koupetzian was born in Armenia in 1928.


In 1954 he became acquainted with Martiros Saryan, arguably the most famous Armenian painter of the century.


After his education at the Academy of Arts he started his international career by exposing his work at the gallery Basmajian in Paris. According to the French public Koupetzian is considered to be a well appreciated artist.


The style of his works was developed by Braque and Picasso and is called Synthetic Cubism.


By the rhythmic repetition of the elegant forms of a musical instrument, the balancing of different colors and the introduction of natural materials for reasons of

texture, the painter seeks to convey a musical atmosphere.


His work is found in private collections all over the world and in museums in Russia.


Koupetzian is not only a painter, but also a great collector of abstract paintings which during the totalitarian regime were limited to private collections in the former Soviet-Union.


Today Koupetzian is still a popular painter living in Moscow.