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Artist: Gérard Vuillard (French, born 1956)
Title: 'Me and Myself'
Size: 115 x 65 cm (45,2 x 25,2 inch)
Signed: lower right; G Vuillard
material: oil on canvas
Inventory no.: GV967
Price: € 9.400,-
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Gerard Vuillard was born in 1956 in Paris. Often dubbed as ’a man out of time’ Gerard is a classical trained painter.


Gerard’s career dates back to his youth when at the early age of 20 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Paris.


He has studied the techniques of the Renaissance era, thereby enabling himself to capture a sense of timelessness in his paintings.


Nowadays he is painting  nudes in the traditional techniques exclusively for ‘De Schildercamer’.