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Artist: Nicolaes Molenaer (Dutch, 1630 - 1676)
Title: 'Work or Play'
Size: 40 x 55 cm (14,2 x 21,6 inch)
Signed: on backside; Molenaer Pin xt
Inventory no.: NM981
Price: € 14.000,-

Little is known about Klaes Molenaer. He was probably born in Haarlem. The name varies: Nicolaes or Claes and Molenaar.

He was the nephew of Jan Miense Molenaer. Klaes Molenaerj became a member of the Guild of St. Lucas in Haarlem in 1651 and worked there his whole life.

He specialized in landscapes and genre performances He painted skating scenes, farmers outside inns and coastal paintings.

His early work shows the influence of Jan van Goyen and he probably studied Salomon Ruysdael.

His later work was strongly influenced by his colleague Haarlem painter Jacob Ruisdael.