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Artists: H.P. Koekkoek (Dutch, 1843 - 1927) & A.J. van Prooijen (Dutch, 1834-1898)
Title: 'Enjoying Life'
Size: 55 x 70 cm (21,6 x 27,5 inch)
Material: Oil on canvas
Signed: lower right; A.J. van Prooijen / H.P. Koekkoek
Inventory no.: PRKK142
Price: € 8.400,-

Albertus Jurardus van Prooijen was born in Groningen, the north part of Holland.

His father was also a painter and at the age of thirteen years he was enrolled at the Academy Minerva, where he studied with Jacob Bruggink and Jan Ensing. After graduating he worked at his father’s business.

Soon he began participating in local exhibitions and , in 1853, he was awarded the ‘Grote Koninklijke Medaille’ for painting. He mostly painted city-scenes and landscapes and river-scenes.

In 1858 he won an award from Pictura, the local art society and he was commissioned to do a series of watercolours depicting the interior of the ‘Groene Weeshuis’, a 17th century orphanage that was due to be demolished.

Form 1864-1865 he was a Headmaster of the Academy Minerva.


From 1869 he worked in Amsterdam where he died in 1898.


Museums that have work of this painter in their collection are:



Museum Willet-Holthuysen-Amsterdam,

Noordelijk Scheepvaartmuseum-Groningen.


Recorded: Pieter A.Scheen; Lexicon Nederlandse Beeldende Kunstenaars 1750-1950.


Hendrik Pieter Koekkoek was the son of the landscape painter M.A.Koekkoek and belonged to the third generation of the  Koekkoek  painters family.


One can find clearly the influence of his father in the romantic landscapes with  imposing trees, puny figures and cattle.


He lived and worked in Amsterdam  from 1848 till 1850. Because of his success in England he moved to London in 1865 where his nephew Hermanus jr. had an art gallery. In 1890 he came back to the Netherlands.


Looking at his work Hendrik Pieter must have been a great admirer of the beauty of  nature.


The painter had several exhibitions in Amsterdam and in  London.


His paintings can be found in the famous Stadliches Museum

“Haus Koekkoek” in  Kleve, Germany.



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