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Artist: Jan Simon Knikker (Dutch, 1911-1989)
Title: 'Amsterdam' (Singel with the Luther Church)
Size: 50 x 70 cm (19,6 x 27,5 inch)
Signed: lower right ; Jan Knikker junior
Inventory no.: 295KL3

Jan Knikker junior is member of a well known artists’ family. A generation earlier, Aris and Jan senior were very productive and even more popular. Fearing too many paintings by the brothers, the traders Welther convinced them to sign some of them with pseudonyms. Today however, most of the paintings being already in private or public possession, they are very sought after.


Jan Knikker junior painted in the same style as his father and uncle. His favourite subjects are Dutch cities and the landscape of Holland with canals, lakes and rivers. Just as his predecessors, Jan became very well known all over the world. Especially his cityscapes are nowadays very popular abroad. He also painted some flower pieces.


Knikker’s style is inspired by The Hague school. The brushstrokes are often somewhat harsh, but the colours are bright. This last feature distinguishes Knikker jr. from the painters of ‘The Hague’ whose palette is darker and the  works therefore a little morose.



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