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Artist: Léon Richet (French, 1847-1907)
Title: 'A Farmer's House'
Size: 38 x 50 cm (14,9 x 19,6 inch)
Signed: lower right; Léon Richet '77
Inventory no.: 598DS2

Richet, an artist of the Belgian School, painted almost exclusively landscapes and sometimes flower pieces.

He was a student of many celebrated artists, including Diaz, Lefeb(v?)re and Boulanger. His schooling prepared him for a career full of exhibitions and awards.


In 1869, Richet made his debut at the Paris Salon with two canvasses; Bouleaux sure les hauteurs de la Plaine Blanche, forêt de Fontainebleau and mare dans la gorge aux loups.

In 1885 he was awarded an honourable mention prize and won second place titles in both 1888 and 1901.


Richet was a follower of the great masters of the Barbizon School. He was acclaimed for his skill in showing the effects of light from the sky on bodies of water. He paid very careful attention to clouds and how they changed the appearance of water.

As a result of his mastery of the technique, his paintings have become very highly collectible in both , the public and the private sectors.




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