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Price range: € 7.500 / € 10.000
Artist: Otte Sköld (Swedish, 1894-1958)
Title: 'Cheers to Life'
Size: 61 x 50 cm (24 x 19,6 inch)
Signed: lower left; Otte S.
Inventory no.: 388OS4

Skölds was born as the child of two missionaries, Johan Shield and Eva Charlotta Eriksdotter. He was the  brother of philologist and Socialist Hannes Shield and the father of the director Eva Shield.


Otte Sköld took the lower school certificate in Osby 1911. He became a student at Althin Painting School at Wilhelm's painting school, and at the Technical Academy in Stockholm 1912-1914. He carried out artistic activities in Copenhagen 1914-1919 and in Paris from 1920 to 1927. Later he worked as a teacher at the Académie Montparnasse and at the Maison Watteau in Paris from 1925 to 1926.


Otte Shield engaged art education for a large part of his life. In Paris in the 1920s, he ran together with Nordic colleagues Académie Scandinave and upon returning to Sweden in 1929, he started and Åke Pernby Otte Sköld School of Painting (1949 Pernby's paint school).


He was a professor of figurative painting at the Art Academy 1932-1938 and professor of painting there from 1938 to 1942. He was appointed director of the Art Academy in 1941. This met with great opposition from Isaac Grünewald and sculptor Nils Sjögren. Skölds administrative skills were important during the war years. He also saw that some of the country's foremost artists, including Sven Erixson, Eric Grate and Ragnar Sandberg were established as professors at the Art Academy. He remained there until in 1950.


Sköld was a member of the National Museum Survey 1944-1949 and member of the board of the Foundation Thiel Gallery from 1948. Otte Sköld became senior curator and director of the National Museum in 1950. He had the clear purpose of creating a special museum for contemporary art. Eight years later, in May 1958 was inaugurated Museum of Modern Art in Exercishuset on Skeppsholmen.


Also he became a member of the Academy of Fine Arts in 1929.


Otte Sköld painted at first in a decorative, cubist style with some futuristic touches. The subjects consisted of guard parades, entertainment, etc. Shield became the representative of the new objectivity and painted detailed window views, still lifes and portraits. The main works consisted of the paintings from the cafes, bars and restaurants popular dance in Paris.


He has also carried out public works, such as the mosaic The Good Earth (1938) at the Woodland Cemetery, mosaic wind fairy tale in light hall Västertorp School and glass paintings and theatrical decor.


He was a teacher to many Swedish artists, among others Arne Isacsson, Lars Norrman, John Wierth, Strömholm, Ulla Waller, Ingrid Rydbeck-Zuhr, Siri Meyer and Bertram Schmiterlöw.


Sköld married in 1917 in Copenhagen with the gymnastics director Arna Louise Margrethe Arntz (1892-1985), daughter of brewery owner Georg Arnold Frederik Kristian Arntz and Johanne Marie Rohde.


Otte Sköld is buried in the cemetery at Ekerö church.

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