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Price range: € 10.000 / € 20.000
Artist: Sigmund Eggert (German, 1839-1896)
Title: 'Maternal Love'
Size: 57 x 46 cm (22,4 x 18,1 inch)
Signed: Lower left; Eggert Münch. 88
Inventory no.: 3142SE9
Sigmund Eggert was a son of the Munich painter Franz Xaver Eggert (1802-1876) from Höchstädt on the Danube and his first wife Barbara, born Gsell.

At first he attended the drawing school of the Bavarian Kunstgewerbe-Verein in Munich. On November 22, 1855, he began studying painting at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts with Hermann Anschütz and Joseph Schlotthauer. Since the end of the 1850s, he had been assistant to the father's glass painting workshop, but later continued his studies of genre painting with Arthur von Ramberg. In 1875 he married Therese Riederer, a tailor's daughter from Munich, with whom he had two daughters. He settled in Munich as an honorary district manager (district 13 of the district district of Munich) and as a poor servant council. Around 1890 he separated from his wife and moved to Walchstadt at the Wörthsee in Oberbayern.
From 1870 onwards, he changed from painting to glass painting to create oil paintings and created figurative scenes and portraits. He presented his works in numerous exhibitions, such as "Der Augenblicke Augenblick", "The Spiritual Arbitration", and the Pendants "Von Ihr" / "For Him" ​​in the Munich Local Exhibition in 1875"Besuch bei der Dorfmaler" Philadelphia, USA, 1876, or "Lenerl, cut 'me!" On the occasion of the Kunstvereins-Ausstellung in Bremen in 1878. Through the reproduction of many of his pictures as wood engravings in the magazines of the time-home, German house treasure, the garden leaves, overland and sea and others - his pictures and pictorial themes became exceedingly popular.

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