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Artist: Madeleine Plantey (French, 1890-1985)
Title: 'A Peaceful Day'
Size: 26,5 x 31 cm (10,4 x 12,2 inch)
Signed: lower right; Madeleine Plantey
Inventory no.: 358MP4

Madeleine Plantey was born in Lyon in France. Already at a young age she lost her young father. To raise her children, Madeleine’s mother gave singing lessons.


Apart from singing, her mother encouraged Madeleine to paint. She appeared to be very talented and she started to take lessons from Tony Tollet in Lyon. His studio was located in rue Laurencin.She paints nudes, dancers and still life.


On Sundays, Madeleine travels through the countryside to paint landscapes and pick flowers from the fields that compose her subjects of still life. Also she produces some beautiful landscapes of Brittany.


Plantey often exhibited in a gallery at Rue Auguste Comte in Lyon, and she presented annually her works "hors-concours" at the Salon des Beaux-arts in Lyon. She obtained prizes in the Salons of Paris and was a member of the Society of French Artists.


In 1939, the Galerie Charpentier devoted an exhibition to her. Madeleine Plantey died in 1985 in Saint-Laurent-de-Chamousset.



One of her naked, entered the French National Collections in 1949, and is on loan to the Museum of Fine Arts Lyon.

The Musée Calvet accepted one of her works, Femme nue se coiffant, in 1960.

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