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Antique Oil Paintings for Sale | De Schildercamer Amsterdam

Fine Art Paintings: Buy our selection of original fine art paintings online. DiscoverPaintings by Recognized contemporary artists and old masters. De Schildercamer Art Gallery has a large collection of traditional Fine Art Paintings. We're located in Amsterdam and sell also all our works online. We ship worldwide!

Browse through hundreds of paintings from classic artists such as Charles Leickert and Jan Jacob Spohler.   We sell European Fine Art Paintings, acrylics, watercolors, and every medium in between.   Each painting is available to purchase.   Decorate your home with incredible paintings from the world's greatest artists. Art Gallery De Schldercamer has an On-Line shop where you can buy directly from our gallery in Amsterdam. If you're looking for traditional paintings or antique paintings, you're at the right spot. We sell and deliver worldwide, fully insured and packed proffesionaly.

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