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This cubist works entirely in the tradition of Armenian folk culture with its world-famous icons, frescoes, ceramics and mosaics.

In recent years, Aram Koupetsian has been fascinated by the theme "concert & music". Based on a number of fixed images (including violins and music magazines) he makes virtuoso compositions that have become his unique trademark.

Koupetsian's paintings exude technical craftsmanship in combination with a sparkling form and color language. The use of color is reminiscent of the work of the world-famous Martyros Saryan, for which Koupetsian was apprenticed for a number of years.

The art of Koupetsian has common ground with the ancient Armenian ceramics, frescoes, icons and mosaics. This Armenian art is called the 'mirror of Asia'. Images from this medieval folk art can be found not only in surrealism from the last century, but also in the synthetic cubism (1905-1915) by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque.

The art of Koupetsian, in turn, is of a synthetic cubic nature, but at the same  time very graphic. It is remarkable to see that Koupetsian is able to bring depth to his compositions with this exuberant play of lines and colors. In that respect he is a true colorist: a painter who can paint different colors together'.

Koupetsian has been exhibiting in Europe and America for several years. Especially in France and Spain, his art is very positively reviewed. Now he is very well received in Asia. 

Today Koupetsian is still living in Moscow and is over 90 years old.

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