Charles Henri Joseph Leickert

Charles Henri Joseph Leickert

Artist: Charles Leickert (Belgian, 1818-1907)

Title: ‘Catch of the Day‘ (the coast of Scheveningen)

Size: 62 x 100 cm (24,4 x 39,3 inch)

Material: oil on canvas
Signed: lower right: Ch. Leickert '85

Inventory #: 255CJL9



Charles Henry Joseph Leickert is one of the most wanted names by art collectors nowadays. All major auctionhouses worldwide use his name for their publicity campaigns.


As a child Leickert moved with his parents to The Hague. At the age of 11 he was enrolled as a pupil at ’The Hague Academy of Arts’. His teacher there was Bartholomeus J. van Hove, a wellknown painter of city views. Having left the Academy in 1837 Leickert received further training from Wijnand J.J. Nuyen, the genius among Dutch romantic painters who, unfortunately, died at the age of only 26 in 1839. Of decisive influence on the artistic development and career of Leickert were the lessons of Andreas Schelfhout, who became his next and final teacher.


Having finished his schooling and spend earlier years as an independent artist at The Hague, Leickert moved to Amsterdam in 1849. After short stays in Mainz (1861) and The Hague (1862) he returned to Amsterdam to live and work there for the next twenty years. Then, after a four years stay at the Nieuwer Amstel, then a suburb, now part of Amsterdam, he settled for good at Mainz in 1887 and died on December 5th, 1907.


Like Schelfhout, Leickert devoted himself to the specialism of landscape painting, including both summer- and winterscenes. Unlike Schelfhout, who exclusively painted pure landscapes, Leickert’s oeuvre includes numerous, mostly ficticious, town views. His works are well composed, carefully executed and nature is well observed. His colours are bright, yet atmospheric where required. His landscapes, particularly the winter-scenes and town views are filled with lively painted figures.



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