Cornelis Johannes van Hulsteijn

Cornelis Johannes van Hulsteijn

Artist: Cornelis Johannes van Hulsteijn  (Dutch, 1811-1979)

Title: ‘A Rich Flower Still-Life

Size: 54 x 41 cm (21,2 x 16,1 inch)

Material: oil on canvas
Signed: lower right: C.J. van Hulstijn 1882

Inventory #: 692HM2

Johan van Hulstijn specialized in painting and watercolor painting of flowers and fruits.

In addition, he demonstrated so much talent that he was asked to provide the illustrations for part 8 of the Flora Batava.

Many well-known flower painters contributed to this standard work by Jan Kops, which appeared in twenty-eight volumes between 1800 and 1934.

Van Hulstijn lived and worked alternately in Amsterdam, Delft and Utrecht (until 1848) and then moved permanently to Trieste, where his sister lived.



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