Daniel Muehlhaus

Daniel Muehlhaus

Artist: Daniel Mühlhaus (Dutch, 1907-1981)

Title: ‘Winter in Amsterdam

Size: 60 x 50 cm (23,6 x 19,6 inch)

Material: oil on canvas
Signed: back side: D. Mühlhaus

Inventory #: 392DM8

Daniel Muehlhaus (Daan), was born February 21st, 1907 in Dordrecht. He lived and worked there. Muehlhaus was a self-taught man. He painted oil paintings and  watercolours, drew cityscapes, landscapes, flowers and portraits in an impressionistic way.

The years between 1940-1960 were, artistic wise, Muehlhaus best. In the 40ties his work was still influenced by Cor Noltee who was his colleague and rivalTogether they made several country–side studies in the neighbourhood of Dordrecht. Yet, Muehlhaus’s ‘pointed brush’ was already recognizable.


Daan Muehlhaus belonged, together with a few other members of Pictura like Wijnhoven and Noltee, to the ‘Dordse painters’, called followers after the spirit of M.P. Reus.


Like Reus they preferred to choose the landscape all round the city along the river, as subject of their canvasses and worked all in a wide impressionistic style of the The Hague-Amsterdam painters.

Because of his trips to Italy, France and Spain, he developed himself from tonelist till colourist and made watercolours, who were related to the French Dutchman Jongkind. In his mature work Muehlhaus shows a complete exclusive light, use of colour and use of the brush.  

He was a member of art society Pictura in Dordrecht and St. Lucas in Amsterdam.



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