Eugène M.E. LePoittevin

Eugène M.E. LePoittevin

Artist: Eugène M.E. LePoittevin (French, 1806-1870)

Title: ‘Returning Home

Size: 54 x 73 cm (21,2 x 28,7 inch)

Material: oil on canvas
Signed: lower leftt (in sail): EP

Inventory #: 6128WR5



Eugène Modeste Edmond Poittevin was born in Paris.


He was the pupil of Hersent and Xavier Le Prince. He made his debut at the ‘Salon‘ in 1831 and subsequently exhibited there  a considerable  number of seascapes which attracted notice.


He was a loyal supporter of the ‘Salons de Paris ‘until his death, and was awarded medals in 1831, 1836,1848 and 1855. He was a member of the ‘Academy ‘of Antwerp and Berlin. He exhibited in Germany on several occasions, notably in Berlin and Dresden.


Lepoittevin was a dedicate painter who deserves a place among the  Artists of the’ School of 1830’.

He tried his hand at every genre, but his best canvases are his seascapes and his scenes beside rivers.

As a lithographer he produced various works of note. Among these, too, his marine subjects are perhaps the best but he also did charming and lively lithographs of Scenes from The Revolution of 1830 and Paris Scenes.


Apart from his canvases in museums, mention should be made of his Shepherd and the Sea in the Ministry of the Interior.


One can find his work in museums in ;

Abbeville, Amiens, Amsterdam,Angers,Auch,Avignon,Beauvais, Berlin,

Béziers,Best, Brussels, Cean, Camrai, Dieppe,Dijon,Epinal,Fécamp, Flers,

Kalingrad,La Rochelle,Leipzig,Liège, Lyon, Marseilles, Munich, Nantes,

Orléans, Paris, Rotterdam, Rouen and Versailles.




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