Flor de Los Ojos - 80 x 80 cm

Flor de Los Ojos - 80 x 80 cm

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Ecuadorean, born 1969

Flor de los Ojos is the pseudonym of Betrice Antes-Luz. She was born in Quevedo (Ecuador() and studied at the National School of Arts in Quito.


At the age of 24 Antes-Luz was involved in a car accident, which resulted in a revalidation process of almost two years. To enlighten the pain they gave her herbs, also known for their hallucinatory effects.


During this period she made many sketches of the flowery scenery around her: ‘In flowers I see the infinitely and overwhelming power of nature and love, which has always encouraged me to keep on fighting for my revalidation and it gave me the conscience of the magnificent chances this life offers me. Therefore all my work shall be a tribute to the glorious abundance of nature’.


Her works became more and more in demand and Antes-Luz was invited to create a series of murals in public buildings all over South-America.


Her work is mainly in hands of South-American art collectors.


Nowadays De los Ojos lives and works on Isla Isabella (Ecuador) in the West Pacific.


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