Hans van Moerkerken

Hans van Moerkerken

Artist: Hans van Moerkerken (Dutch, born 1950)

Title: ‘Dutch Glory‘

Size: 75 x 100 cm (29,5 x 39,3 inch)

Material: oil on canvas
Signed: lower left: Hans van Moerkerken

Inventory #: 666HM8

Hans van Moerkerken was born in Hilversum, Holland. At the age of four, he was photographed behind the easel. Hans later realized that this photo
symbolized the fact that he would later become a well-known painter.


For many years, Van Moerkerken studied the techniques of 17th and
especially 19th century painters, such as Schelfhout, Roelofs, Charkes
Leickert and B. C. Koekkoek in addition, he also delved deeply into
impressionist painting. During these years of study, he copied many old
masters to become proficient in the techniques they used.


The techniques used by Van Moerkerken and his sense of colors made him one of the most important landscape painters of the time in the Netherlands. Several successful artists have been apprenticed to Van Moerkerken, such as Dick de Vries, Wouter van Soest, Frits Goosen and Simon Balyon.


The first exhibition of Van Moerkerken's work was held in 1983 in Arnhem. Since then, his work has hung on many other exhibitions, including in the US, where he collaborated with, among others, André Balyon and Thomas Kinkade. Van Moerkerken's work can be found in many important art
collections, such as that of the President of National Geographics.


At The Carmel Art Festival 2000, Van Moerkerken won 2 prizes: The Second Prize in the Plein Air Painting Contest and the First Prize at the "Artist's Choise" for his painting entitled "Monterey Harbor".


He also won first prize in the Netherlands in 2000 in the Blaricum Plein Air Competition. In 2005 Van Moerkerken won the first prize in the Plein Air
Competition of Weesp with his painting: "Klapbrug in Weesp"


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