Jacob Akkersdijk

Jacob Akkersdijk

Artist: Jacob Akkersdijk  (Dutch, 1815-1862)

Title: ‘The young Angler’

Size: 35 x 30 cm (13,7 x 11,8 inch)

Material: oil on panel
Signed: lower left middle: J.A.

Inventory #: 274BN6

The painter was born in Rotterdam.


He lived and worked there for many years.


His subjects he painted were interiors, city-and village scenes, he also made drawings and lithographs.


From 1852-1862 he was a teacher at the ‘Rotterdam Academy’.


Akkersdijk had several exhibitions in Amsterdam and The Hague(1838-1861).




Pieter Scheen; Nederlandse Beeldende Kunstenaars (1750-1950)

Thieme Becker; Allgemeines Lexicon der Bildenden Künstler


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