Jean-Baptiste Greuze (surrounding of)

Jean-Baptiste Greuze (surrounding of)

Artist: Jean Baptiste Greuze (French, 1725-1805)

Title: ‘Girl with Yellow Bird

Size: 73 x 58 cm (28,7 x 22,8 inch)

Material: oil on canvas
Signed: middle right: J.B. Greuze 1773

Inventory #: 298KL4

Jean-Baptiste Greuze was born in the Burgundy region of France.


He spent most of his career in Paris, where he was mentored by a portrait artist from Lyon named Grandon. This artist was an advocate for the young Greuze, whose father had discouraged him from following his art talents.


His art was hailed as the triumph of natural bourgeois virtue over the mythological and immoral painting of Boucher. His work was a pleasing return to reality and life as it is. The "Tricoteuse", "Devideuse", and "Jeune fille pleurant son oiseau mort", at the Exhibition of 1759, carried away the public with a new feeling of life, an emotion that unexpectedly arose from the most commonplace scenes. The "Accordee de village", exhibited in 1761, raised popular enthusiasm to the highest pitch.


Greuze was an 18th century painter of melodramatic genre, morality lessons, female figures and portraits whose subjects included Mozart and Benjamin Franklin.



Le Louvre, Paris

Musée Fabre,Montpellier

Wallace Collection, London

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