Johann Georg Stuhr

Johann Georg Stuhr

Artist: Johann Georg Stuhr (German, 1641-1721)

Title: 'A Busy Turkish Trading Port'

Size: 73 x 88 cm (28,7 x 34,6 inch)

Material: oil on canvas
Signed: lower right: J,G. Stuhr

Inventory #: 314JGS7

Little is known about Stuhr's life. On July 31, 1681 he became master of the painter's office of the Hamburg painters' guild.


According to Eckhardt, Stuhr was one of the most talented and hard-working North German artists of his time:


“Landscapes, but especially seascapes and harbor views, were the subject of his portrayal, in which he often came very close to Abraham Storck and Lingelbach.
For a change he also painted prospectuses, especially those from Hamburg; then perspective and historical objects, even more animal pieces in Hondekoeter's taste, and finally also portraits.


In 1699 the engraver Pieter van dem Berge (1659-1737) engraved after him the portrait of the Hamburg senior Samuel Schultze and Johann Friedlein (died in 1685 after 1706) that of the preacher Detlev Beckmann (1645-1684) in Itzehoe.


In 1898, the Hamburger Kunsthalle acquired the two photographs Sea Battle and Sea Battle by Stuhr. [2] The Patriotic Gesellschaft in Hamburg acquired the painting Treehouse with Lower and Inner Harbor in 1927, which is on permanent loan from the Hamburg Museum from the beginning of 2015.


His son Johann Stuhr was also a painter, who mainly painted images with maritime motifs.

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