Jules Hubert Brouwers

Jules Hubert Brouwers

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Artist: Jules Hubert Brouwers (Dutch, 1869-1955)

Title: ‘Still-Life with Flowers

Size: 48 x 59,5 cm (18,8 x 23,4 inch)

Material: oil on panel
Signed: lower right: J. Brouwers

Inventory #: 738JB5

Jules Hubert Brouwers was born in The Netherlands in the village of Gulpen in 1869.


He was a painter, draftsman and etcher who studied at the academy of Leuven and Liege in Belgium and under  the Dutch landscpae painter Paul Gabriel from 1892 till 1894.


Mostely he was known for his still-lifes but had a wide reportoir wich consists out of seascapes, the view of dunes, interiors and flowers. Painting in a soft realistic, tachiste style which was closely related to impressionism.


He showed at the 1910 Brussels Exhibition and went on to teach art at the academy of St-Luke in Schaerbeck (Brussels). His still-lifes just apose differently textured fruit and flowers using rich materials and delicate colors painted with the greatest spontaneity.

Jules Hubert Brouwers died in 1955 or 1956 in the village of Vilvoorde in




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