Lida - 70 x 160 cm

Lida - 70 x 160 cm

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Dutch, born 1963


Lida was born in Amsterdam and grew up in the Jordaan (meaning Garden), a typical Amsterdam neighbourhood right in the centre.


Already at a very early age Lida was impressed by the city she lived in, and especially by the old canals and their leaning houses. She sees them as if it were to be book shelves. Old books on a shelve and every book spine (canal house) holds its own history and story.


After her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam Lida developed herself as a fine painter. For many years she painted Amsterdam in a very realistic way


Nowadays Lida has her own bright and happy look on the world, a joy we also find in her  paintings.


All paintings have the same subjects, like ‘books on a shelve’, with all different stories. All of her works are unique and slightly different in composition, color and size.


Lida likes to share her newfound happiness with the world by painting the city that has always stolen her heart: Amsterdam.

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