Maurice Moisset

Maurice Moisset

Artist: Maurice Moisset (French, 1860-1946)

Title: ‘Washer Woman‘

Size: 50 x 73 cm (19,6 x 28,7 inch)

Material: il on canvas
Signed: lower right: Maurice Moisset

Inventory #: 298KN7

Maurice Moisset 1860 - 1946


Parents Maurice Moisset belong to families of merchants of linens , carpets and bedding settled in Paris and Beauvais . His father had , in addition , filed in 1862, patent of invention of the folding-away bed in metal . According to his Legion of Honor file , Maurice Moisset was licensed in law and served in the army as lieutenant in the State - Major of the territorial artillery . Le Figaro and Le Gaulois announce the marriage to the town hall of the 8th district of Paris , on April 13 , 1886 , of Maurice Moisset , lawyer , and Marthe Césaire Baudrier , born in Paris on March 9 , 1863 in a family of bankers , notaries and owners land . The parents of the bride had acquired in 1884 the castle of Verderonne ( Oise ) put up for sale by way of justice.


the decade 1880-1890, Mauritius Moisset practiced the profession lawyer , so that this face on his marriage and acts of birth of his son Gilbert in 1887, and his daughter Cecilia in 1889. He lives on 17th arrondissement of Paris , at n o 17 Avenue de Villiers , then the n o 3 rue Vieta where it will reside until his death. In addition to his studies and legal activities , Maurice Moisset himself wrote in his Legion of Honor file that he was a pupil of the painters Jules Lefebvre and Émile Charles Dameron.


His activity as a painter appeared for the first time in 1888 when Maurice Moisset exhibited at the annual painting fair at the Palais des Champs-Élysées . In fact , to start in 1888, the catalog of the Salon says each year his works exhibited at the Salon des Artistes French where it gets an honorable mention in 1894. It sends scenery of the Oise to edges of sea , especially from the Manche , and Normandy.


March 15 , 1890 , at the Capitole at the Artistic Union of Toulouse , he exhibited a landscape offered at a price of 250 francs. As from 1898, it will present annually to the Circle artistic and literary of the street Volney in Paris.


Maurice Moisset was appointed mayor of the commune of Verderonne (Oise) where he regularly came on holiday. At that time, its resorts also lead to the Pecq ( Yvelines ) where the relatives of his mother (Family Foyé) and stepmother (Families and Parissot Deville Chabrol) have properties. It will also regularly villégiaturer to Grandcamp -les- Bains ( Calvados ) where he acquired a villa at the edge of sea at n o 30 quai Crampon. The edges of sea to the surrounding him inspire in many paintings.

Maurice Moisset gets a medal from 3 th class at the Salon des Artistes French and exposes Beauvais to Society of Friends of the Arts of the Oise . The Figaro of 25 December 1901 wrote that a group of artists has opened La Petite Gallery Drouot in n o 23 rue Drouot in Paris, where exposed in permanence a dozen of painters which , besides Maurice Moisset : Henri Matisse , Paul Jouve and Paul Madeline . 1902, there are exhibits of landscapes of suburban Paris , and with the painters of the School of Crozant , the landscapes of the Creuse usually executed on cardboard, numbered and located on the back. 1903 Maurice Moisset are exhibiting a score of landscapes .

He added to his regular exhibitions - Salon des artistes français and Cercle Volney (de) - an annual exhibition at the Salon des arts united of the Georges Petit gallery [1] . addition , he exhibited at the Grand Hotel in Biarritz for the Society of Friends of the Arts in Bayonne-Biarritz of which he is a subscribing member [2] . The Morning of December 31 , 1904 informs that Maurice Moisset has received the academic awards of an officer of Public struction .


In 1907, Maurice Moisset receives , at the Salon des Artistes French , a medal 2 e class


The same year , he became a director of L ' Automobile Club de France, of which he was a member for many years .


Article in La Croix of 29 April 1911 informing him that Maurice Moisset exhibited at the Salon des Artistes French is signed by Peter the Hermit , pseudonym of Eugène Edmond Loutil , priest , novelist and journalist at La Croix for 69 years. It wrote : " Maurice Moisset , who gave me once my first lessons in painting . Souvenirs from a young age … ”. Edmond Loutil had come to his Ardennes native to Paris to study the theology when Maurice Moisset , his elder by three years , followed the studies right. canon The tool will bless the 1 st March 1930 , the marriage of Gilbert Moisset , son of Maurice Moisset .


His own activities as a painter , Maurice Moisset got involved in the life of the artistic world : in March 1911, he signed a petition of artists and writers to save the national artistic heritage constituted by country churches abandoned or destroyed by lack of care of the State . Maurice Barrès will table this petition on the office of the Chamber of Deputies.


In 1913, Maurice Moisset is re-elected member of the committee of the Fondation Taylor , Society of Emergency Mutual of painters , sculptors and architects , of which he is the President from 1942 to his death.


The course of the First War World , his wife , Martha Moisset , nurse graduate , is devoted to treating the sick and injured in Paris ; she will receive a bronze medal from the French Recognition.


Maurice Moisset is part of the council of a new association, the Club art of France, whose purpose is to spread the art French and to defend against the Bolshevism artistic , label designating the spirit of discord , the " artistic decline ”, economic ruin and the inability of people in place to adapt to their times. The objectives are to know the works of " good natured " to make the young artists under rebel in any discipline in their providing an education nourishing and liberal , but also to come to the end of the routine and counterfeiting.


In 1924, Maurice Moisset is appointed painter official of the Navy with the rank of officer in 1925, he is admitted to title Standing in Circle of the Union art , presented by the painters Henri Royer and Hubert-Denis Etcheverry.


In February 1927, he was named Knight of the Legion of Honor , and also his place of exposure usual , exposes the third Exhibition of artist Norman and Circle of the Union art of the avenue Gabriel , told Salon The Amazing , in Paris.


In 1928, he exhibited at the Retlinger gallery in Paris with " La Boîte à Ponce ", a group of painters , sculptors and cabinetmakers , from March 17 to April 6 , at the René Zivy gallery at the 2 nd Salon of the National Society of Fine Arts of the Sea and at the Annual Congress of Limoges.


On 30 May 1930 , Maurice Moisset involved , in as administrator and assessor to the assembly general of insurance Heritage -Life, and as scrutineer at the first Assembly General of Heritage-Fire [18] and in February 1932, presides the Society of Friends of the Arts.


September 1933, he resigned from his mandate as mayor of Verderonne ; not replaced after nine rounds of elections , it is finally re-elected mayor late November 1933 [21] . February 1934, 1935 and 1939 ( last exhibition before the war), he exhibited at the Salon de L'Épatant . 1938, he exhibited at the Salon des dépendants and one last time at the Salon des Artistes Français.


In December 1939, he participated in the exhibition of artists mobilized at the Bernheim-Jeune gallery in Paris. Friend of Marshal Pétain , Maurice Moisset spoke with him in Vichy on July 2 , 1943 about the arrival of André Maurois in North Africa . They agree on the fact that André Maurois was an honest , highly talented man , aware of his duty and of thus serving France.


Mauritius Moisset dies in his home in n o 3 rue Vieta in Paris 17 th on 30 January 1946 .



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