Etienne Maria Kolbe

Etienne Maria Kolbe

Artist: Etienne Maria Kolbe (French, 1809-1835)

Title: ‘A Lady's Portrait‘

Size: 63 x 63 cm (24,8 x 24,8 inch)

Material: oil on canvas laid on board
Signed: lower left: E. Kolbe 1832

Inventory #: 8124PS7



The painter was born on the first of January 1809 in Paris.


Later on the family moved to Germany, to Düsseldorf.


He was the only son of the portrait painter Heinrich Christoph Kolbe.

The first lessons in painting he became from his father.

After the school period he went to the ‘Art Academy of Düsseldorf’ from 1829-1831 ,where he studied portrait painting.


In 1831-1832 he joined the Army. At 21 of October he became ill and had the illness Typhus.


In 1832 he painted the portrait of Frau Schreiner and in 1833 a portrait of his father.  These portraits one can admire in the Museum of Düsseldorf.



The painter died in 1835 in Düsseldorf.





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