Pierre Janssen

Pierre Janssen

Artist: Pierre Janssen (Dutch, 1865-1952)

Title: ‘A Lovely Place

Size: 50 x 67 cm (19,6 x 26,3 inch)

Material: oil on canvas
Signed: lower left: P. Janssen 1942

Inventory #: 854KL3

The painter Pierre Janssen was born in Steenwijkerwold.


He studied at the ‘Academy of Amsterdam’ and at the’Académie des Beaux Arts’ in Brussels.

Later on he studied under Auguste Allebe, one of the most important persons who represent ‘The Amsterdam School.’


From 1898 till his dead , the painter lived in Boxtel, except a little period from 1900-1902 in Amersfoort. In Boxtel he joined the ‘Kunstinrichting Peinture Bogaerts’.


Pierre made more than 500 paintings and called himself ‘the Painter of the Beauty of Brabant’. He painted landscapes, portraits, still life and interiors. His work is characteristic because of his subtle feeling for form and colour.


He had several exhibitions in Holland.


The painter died in Boxtel in 1952.


Nowadays  his paintings are in demand in the Netherlands.




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