Robert Pansart

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Artist: Robert Pansart (Dutch, 1909-1973)

Title: ‘Jug with Fruit'

Size: 50 x 64 cm (19,6 x 25,1 inch)

Material: oil on board
Signed: back-side: Stamp

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If he is mainly known for his mirrors adorned with figures and decorations of arabesques, Pansart has also produced a number of furniture with fairly fantastic baroque forms, recalling the world of fairy tales, in a taste typical of the 1940s.

His mirrors often appear in the art and antiques market and are collectibles. He is, with Pierre Lardin and Max Ingrand one of the most famous and talented glassmakers of the period.

His work in France and Morocco remains to be studied and discovered.

He worked in collaboration with famous creators of the time, such as Serge Roche, Lucie Dolt and Marc du Plantier.

He produced glass table tops for the ironworkers Gilbert Poillerat and Raymond Subes.

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