Willem Verbeet

Willem Verbeet

Artist: Willem Verbeet (Dutch, 1801-1887)

Title: ‘Fruit and Flowers

Size: 37,5 x 29,5 cm (14,7 x 11,6 inch)

Material: oil on panel
Signed: lower right: W.V. '40

Inventory #: 768WV6

Verbeets father was a house painter and glass maker. He himself also worked in this profession and in addition he took lessons in the early 1820s at the Royal School of Arts and Crafts in his hometown. Here he was a student of Henricus Turken and Antoon van Bedaff. During his training he received two medals for his work.


He received at least one medal for a still life of flowers. He later developed his name in this genre. The preparations for the setups to be painted often proceeded according to a fixed pattern. He usually chose a marble table top on which he presented flowers or fruit. He painted the images entirely from the front, so that the tabletops form parallel lines with the underside of the canvas. He supplemented the compositions with green leaves and winding stems. Sometimes he added a colorful butterfly to it.


He also painted over still lifes from some of the masters he admired, such as Gerard van Spaendonck and Jacob van Walscapelle. He also made figures and historical representations. He worked with both watercolor and oil paint and also produced drawings. While his artistic hours were primarily a hobby for him, he also exhibited during his life, including in Amsterdam and The Hague. His work can be found in collections from private individuals and the Rijksmuseum, for example.


He is the father of painter Gijsberta Verbeet. He lived and worked his entire life in Den Bosch and died there in 1887 at the age of 86.


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