Wouter Janssen

Wouter Janssen

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Artist: Wouter Janssen (Dutch, born 1946)

Title: ‘Amstel

Size: 32 x 48 cm (12,5 x 18,8 inch)

Material: oil on board
Signed: lower right: Janssart 74'

Inventory #: 718SL9

Already as a child of six years old, Wouter Janssen painted the blossoming garden of his parents.


At the age of fourteen he painted the portrait of his teacher  for his exam at high school. His love for drawing and painting grew over the years. At the age of eighteen years old he decided to dedicate his life to art.


During his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts , he also worked in a

restoration studio, where he learned the secrets and the techniques of the Old Masters.


His work, mainly landscapes, has the spirit of the Dutch Romantic School.

He wants to show us how the nature has been in the past.


Besides his success as a painter( his first one-man exhibition was in the Brighton Gallery in Beverly Hills) Janssen greatly stimulates the career of other painters as well.


He is a well-known figure in the Dutch art scene.


Nowadays Janssen is attracked by the more modern style of painting.


However in this latest works you find the experience of the painter;

a dared brushstroke and bright palette.


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