Works available

I am proud to present these lithographs. They all come with a letter of authentication an valuation.

de Schildercamer

(Oosterbeek, the Netherlands)



The painter and his Model

‘The Painter and his Model’

Au L'Atelier

‘Au L’Atelier’  

La Comédie humaine

‘La Comédie Humaine’

Le Peintre et la Modèle

‘Le Peintre et la Modèle’

La Comédie Humaine

‘La Comédie Humaine’

Le Roi et la Modèle

‘Le Roi et le Cheval’

The Clown

‘The Clown’

Painter and his Model

‘Painter and his Model’ 

The Animal Trainer

‘The Animal Trainer’

Le Roi et le Cheval

‘Le Roi et le Cheval’